About Us

Our current facility was built in 2003.
Spencer Manufacturing Inc. started in December of 1986 in a pole barn under the name Spencer Repair Service. Based in South Haven, MI, it began as a repair company, fixing specialty vehicles such as concrete mixing trucks, tractor trailers, and fire trucks. As time went on, our focus shifted to fire trucks, and we began designing and fabricating them ourselves in our new 26,000 square foot building.
A truck built for our hometown fire department, South Haven Area Emergency Services.
Our customers include very small rural departments up to large city fleets. We have trucks in service that range from Alaska to Maine, with our largest customer, the City of Pittsburgh, operating over 20 of our custom pumpers. Our great sales team and dealers in place continue to grow and attract new customers each year.
Our truck bodies are reliable and custom-built.
We currently offer aluminum and SOLID-POLY® bodies. All of our subframes are built out of aluminum and carry a lifetime warranty. Each apparatus is carefully engineered in-house using the latest 3D technology, allowing us to get the most out of every truck in regards to compartment space, water capacity, equipment storage and functionality.
The rear access ladder (pictured) is a signature Spencer fire truck component.
A few unique standards for us are our single panel seamless upper body side sheets that minimize any spot for potential corrosion and offer a beautiful seamless finish, 100% removable wheel-wells for ease of service and replacement, and our “Spencer” rear access ladder custom made out of stainless steel and milled poly, allowing for a safe and reliable climb up the apparatus. In addition to these signature components, Spencer customers also rave about the attention to detail and fit and finish on each apparatus.
A picture of our shop floor.
In addition to building custom apparatus, we also offer service, parts, refurbishments, upgrades, and loose equipment. Our service department includes three mobile service vehicles, an in-floor hoist, a 30,000-gallon pump test center, and the ability to mobile pump test, DOT, and service any brand or make of apparatus. We also utilize our state-of-the-art paint facility by contract painting for the wrecker and service vehicle industry.
From starting in a single pole barn in the backyard, Spencer Manufacturing Inc. has come a long way, now building custom one of a kind apparatus to service the needs of departments across the country. The uncompromising commitment to quality, and small business feel, goes a long way in fostering each one of our valued customer relationships. The business has gradually grown every year since its humble beginnings in 1986, thanks to our dedicated customer base and hard-working employees.